Get rid of the bed smell and fungus and keep your feet healthy at all times

Most of our customers use BriskStep insoles every day although they do not have any foot problems at all. They simply love to sustain health of their feet, walk confidently and make their feet look great anywhere, anytime.

BriskStep for healthy feet

We usually od not pay attention to our feet copared to otheer body parts. Unless we have geet issues... then there is nothing we won't do to eliminate those problems.

Try to think in advance and protect your feet today. We recommend you try resolving these issues with BriskStep insoles if you:

  1. have athlete’s foot
  2. suffer from nail fungus
  3. suffer from sweaty feet
  4. stand a lot at work
  5. have either cold or burning feet
  6. wear either socks or shoes that are not made of natural fabrics (nylons, plastic boots etc.)

Their natural characteristics of BriskStep absorb fluid, release essential oils and prevent infections.


BriskStep helps you to feel and look good

We tend to stay in pair of shoes for 10 hours a day. Why not letting your feet feel comfortable during that time? With BriskStep you give your feet some natural feeling as our insoles are 100% natural, made from Lebanese Cedar wood. BriskStep insoles are only a few millimeters thick and therefore very flexible. They instantly conform your feet and shoe sole so you will feel very comfortable when wearing them.


  1. Suitable to be worn with high heel shoes
  2. Suitable to be worn on bear foot or nylon socks as well
  3. Comfortable feeling as insoles are very flexible
  4. Long lasting effect of well being because of Lebanese Cedar wood natural characteristics.
  5. Thin cotton layer on the back side makes sure the insole stays in place

Take care of your feet. You owe it to yourself.