BriskStep is 100% natural product and can help you prevent or cure very common feet problems like nail fungus, athlete's foot and feet odor.

Keeps your feet fresh
Keep your feet healthy in fresh shoes

Prevent from feet odor

Prevent from nail fungus

Feet and sports

Keeping yourself active all the time also means having your feet wet and sweaty which is a perfect environment for nail fungus, athlete's foot or any other bacterial infection.

You have a demanding job to keep your feet healthy and well taken care of. And we can help.

Therefore we developed BriskStep, which takes care of your challenges in a natural way.

If you like to spend your free time or professional career pursuing sports then BriskStep can be your team-mate.

Please bear in mind that keeping your feet clean and dry might not remedy all your feet problems.

You also need to keep them free of bacteria, which is very hard to achieve as bacteria is everywhere.

Do not worry, surface bacteria usually does not cause foot odor. It is bacteria that grows deeper into skin layers and then interacts with fungus which causes chronic foot odor. BriskStep Lebanese cedar wood with its etherical qualities is able to go deep into the skin and kills this infection and foot odor.

Flexible and comfortable

You might say wooden insoles are not comfortable to wear with sports shoes.

Just give it a try - you will be more than surprised!  

Actually BriskStep insoles are only a few millimeters thick and very flexible. They are designed to conform to the shoe sole and your foot in a few minutes after inserting them.

Since during your sports activities your feet suffer from demanding conditions in your sport shoes, we suggest you change BriskStep insoles regularly or at least after 90 days of frequent usage.