Here's a list of frequently asked questions from our buyers and happy customers.

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  • Why BriskStep works?

Compared to foot deodorants and  powders BriskStep insoles have a long-lasting effect. While other products focus on removing sympthoms, BriskStep focuses on removing the cause of your problems.

It is not just important to keep your feet dry. You also need to keep them free of bacteria, which is very hard to achieve as bacteria is everywhere. Do not worry, surface bacteria usually does not cause foot odor. It is bacteria that grows deeper into skin layers and then interacts with fungus which causes chronic foot odor. BriskStep Lebanese cedar wood with its essential qualities is able to go deep into the skin and kills this infection and foot odor.

  • What are the sizes of BriskStep insoles? Do they come in large and children sizes?

BriskStep insoles come in size 35 to 51 (Europe size). If you would like to wear our insoles in children sizes as well, you can simply order the smallest size available and cut them to your shoe size.

  • BriskStep insoles are made of wood. Isn't that uncomfortable?

Definetely not. BriskStep insoles are only a millimeter thick and very flexible. They conform to your feet and shoe in a few minutes after inserting them.

They are that comfortable that many of our customers wear them although they have no feet problems at all. They simply love the feeling of comfort and freshness in their shoes.

  • How long do BriskStep insoles last?

Since BriskStep insoles can be worn also in extreme conditions (e.g. running), we recommend you to change BriskStep insoles every 90-120 days. If you let your shoes and insoles to dry every other day, this period can be even longer.

  • What to do if insoles don't fit my shoes?

It is possible that BriskStep won't fit every shoe as some shoes are wider while some are narrower. If this happens to you simply take your household scissors and cut them to your shoe. It is better to have narrower than wider insoles.

  • Is there anything I can do myself to make BriskStep work at its best?

Your feet will appreciate if you pay some extra attention to them and wash them daily with soap and cloth. Scrub their bottoms and also between your toes. Another thing you can do is to try to wear socks from natural fibres and open shoes when possible.

You can also try to wear two pairs of shoes, so one pair can dry while you wear the other one.

  • How can I care for my BriskStep insoles?

The BriskStep can be cleaned with a damp cloth when necessary. Let dry at room temperature.