BriskStep can protect children and adults!

Because of its natural characteristics you can help your youngsters to enjoy their play, grow safer and well protected.

Your kids will love it

Because of its natural characteristics you can help your youngsters to enjoy their play, grow safer and well protected.

Back side of BriskStep insoles has a thin cotton layer. This provides anti-slip effect so insoles stay in place and so does your foot. Your children can run around and you can be assured their foot won't slip.

You might wonder how to get BriskStep in children sizes?

You simply order the smallest adult size available and use your household scissors to form it to child's shoe size.

We also thought about big sizes. With us you can order insoles up to the size 48.

So you can eliminate your big problems with just a small amount of money.

Happy feet, happy family

It is valuable not just when you have extreme medical issues like foot odor, nail fungus or athlete's feet.

Cedar wood shoe insoles are considered a revolution in treating foot health problems.

The natural suction effect of cedar wood absorbs humidity and sweat extremly effectively.

Incredible antibacterial characteristics make the sweaty foot and cornea/callosity bacteria gone

in a short period of time or at least prevent from formation.

Cedarwood insoles are 100% natural product and are made of high quality Lebanon cedar wood.

Don't forget BriskStep is a natural product, that is comfortable, flexible and quickly conforms to your feet. Many of our customers wear it every day as it makes them feel nurtured, safe and beautiful.

Take care of your feet. You owe it to yourself.