What you need to know when you buy BriskStep?

You have chosen top quality product that will make your feet feel well and look great in all situations.

No matter whether you  are at school/work or doing sports you can relly on BriskStep to keep your feet healthy and comfortable. There is no such feeling as well-being.

What you need to know when wearing BriskStep?

Make sure the wood side is above (against your foot). The back side is of thin cotton layer which has anti-skid and anti-slip effects. 

BriskStep can be worn in shoes, sandals and high heels ensuring comfort with socks, nylon or naked foot.
Shoes come in different widths, length or tightness.  You can easily cut the BriskStep with scissors  to fit your shoe. 
When wearing BriskStep in your shoe for the first time allow insoles a couple of hours to completely form to your foot and shoe. 
BriskStep is made of Lebanon Cedar wood, which is a natural product and therefore responds to extreme changes in environment. 

We do not recommend wearing it in your slippers, if you have a floor heating at home. BriskStep might bend and dry out completely, leaving BriskStep without essential oils, which prevent you from foot odor and other foot

What you can do to make BriskStep last as long as possible?

  • If you wear BriskStep every day, the antibacterial effect will diminish approximately after 3-6 months. We recommend using 2 to 3 pairs of our BriskStep at the same time.
  • If possible, allow shoes with BriskStep to rest from wearing at least every other day. That way BriskStep have enough time to recover.
  • We do not recommend using the same Briskstep insole in different shoes. BriskStep namely assumes the best forming position against your shoe. Changing it from shoe to shoe might cause cracks.
  • If cracks do appear, simply cut them off using your household scissors. After that you can continue wearing insoles and they will function perfectly as before.
  • The BriskStep can be cleaned with a damp cloth when necessary. Let dry at room temperature.

Your are very welcome to share your experience with BriskStep through our Blog.