Only BriskStep insoles are made of Lebanese cedar

Cedar of Lebanon has natural characteristics in essential oils.

Essential oils for beautiful feet

Cedar of Lebanon has natural characteristics in essential oils that help our feet to instant remedy foot odor, nail fungus and remove existing athlete's foot problems. This improvement will happen in just a few days time.
Cedar of Lebanese has always been a very distinguished wood, used in construction already in Ancient time. Today Lebanese Cedar is a very rare wood and its forests are almost entirely gone. As only Cedar of Lebanon can provide this kind of health and comfort to your feet all our BriskStep insoles are made only from this wood.

We recommend you try resolving these issues with BriskStep insoles if you:

  1. have athlete’s foot
  2. suffer from nail fungus
  3. suffer from sweaty feet
  4. stand a lot at work
  5. have either cold or burning feet
  6. wear either socks or shoes that are not made of natural fabrics (nylons, plastic boots etc.)

Their natural characteristics of BriskStep absorb fluid, release essential oils and prevent infections.


Take care of your feet. You owe it to yourself.