BriskStep is 100% natural product and can help you prevent or cure very common feet problems like nail fungus, athlete's foot and feet odor.

Keeps your feet fresh
Keep your feet healthy in fresh shoes

Prevent from feet odor

Prevent from nail fungus

Beautiful feet

Beautiful feet is what we all wish for. However we usually do not pay enough attention to them compared to other body parts. Unless we have feet issues…then there is nothing we won't do to eliminate those problems.

Try to think in advance and protect your feet today. BriskStep is not just for remedy of feet problems, most importantly it helps you also to feel good and look good.

We tend to stay in one pair of shoes for 10 hours a day. Why not letting your feet feel comfortable during that time? With BriskStep you give your feet some natural feeling as our insoles are 100% natural, made from Lebanese Cedar wood. Their natural characteristics absorb fluid, release etherical oils and prevent infections. BriskStep insoles are only a few millimeters thick and therefore very flexible. They instantly conform to your feet and shoe sole so you will feel very comfortable when wearing them.


  1. Suitable to be worn with high heel shoes
  2. Suitable to be worn on bear foot or nylon socks as well
  3. Comfortable feeling as insoles are very flexible
  4. Long lasting effect of well being because of Lebanese Cedar wood natural characteristics
  5. Thin cotton layer on the back side makes sure the insole stays in place

Why BriskStep works?

Only BriskStep insoles are made of Lebanese cedar. Cedar of Lebanon has natural essential oils resulting in antibacterial, humidity-absorbing, aromatic and isolating characteristics that help your feet become and stay healthy.

When you think of resolving your feet issues you should think beyond keeping your feet dry. There are many products on the market that guarantee dryness. But most of them just remove the symptoms and not the cause of those problems.

You have to make sure your remove not just wet feeling and foot odor but also bacteria and fungus that come with it. This is why BriskStep is not just a hygienical but most importantly a medical product. BriskStep insoles kill the bacteria and fungus and therefore the foot odor. Your feet might get more surface bacteria immediately but the infection is gone.

Try keeping your feet clean and use BriskStep to get rid of the bacterial and fungal infection. If you follow these simple two steps you will enjoy healthy and beautiful feet.