What is BriskStep?

BriskStep insoles are your best companions for everyday activities. They are 100 % natural and will invisibly resolve all your problems and improve your posture, health, looks and self-esteem.
BriskStep is produced in Germany with strict quality monitoring, so we make sure you get the best quality German product freshly delivered to you.
You may find many similar products on the market…but look closer. Only BriskStep insoles are made of Lebanese cedar. Cedar of Lebanon has natural characteristics in essential oils that help our feet to instant remedy foot odor, nail fungus and remove existing athlete's foot problems. This improvement will happen in just a few days time.
Cedar of Lebanese has always been a very distinguished wood, used in construction already in Ancient time. Today Lebanese Cedar is a very rare wood and its forests are almost entirely gone. As only Cedar of Lebanon can provide this kind of health and comfort to your feet all our BriskStep insoles are made only from this wood.
BriskStep insoles have a back side from thin cotton layer, which helps them stay in place even under extreme conditions (e.g. running). They are also extremely flexible as they are just few millimeters thick and can form to your feet and shoe in a few minutes. See for yourself:

Most of our customers use BriskStep insoles every day although they do not have any foot problems at all. They simply love  to sustain health of their feet, walk confidently and make their feet look great anywhere, anytime.


BriskStep insoles can also be used for children. Just order the smallest size available and cut with your household scissors to the proper size. Make sure your whole family is safe and healthy!




  • Resolve feet health problems: nail fungus, athlete's foot and feet odor
  • 100% natural product
  • Premium German quality: produced in Germany
  • Trouble-free usage
  • Instant effectiveness
  • Made of Lebanese Cedar wood
  • Family packages available
  • Freshly made and delivered

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