BriskStep insoles are made of Lebanese cedar. Cedar of Lebanon has natural essential oils resulting in antibacterial, humidity-absorbing, aromatic and isolating characteristics that help your feet become and stay healthy.

Humidity control
Keep your feet dry

Keeps your feet fresh
Keep your feet healthy in fresh shoes

Prevent from feet odor

BriskStep can be worn in shoes, sandals and high heels ensuring comfort with socks, nylon or naked foot.

Prevent from nail fungus

Shoes come in different widths, length or tightness. You can easily cut the BriskStep with scissors to fit your shoe.

Healthy feet

BriskStep is not just a hygienical but most importantly a medical product which not only removes the symptoms but prevents the cause.

BriskStep is 100% natural product which kills the bacteria and help you prevent or cure very common feet problems like nail fungus, athlete's foot and feet odor.


Essential oils

BriskStep insoles are made of Lebanese cedar. Cedar of Lebanon has natural characteristics in essential oils that help our feet to instant remedy foot odor, nail fungus and remove existing athlete's foot problems.

Feet and sports

If you like to spend your free time or professional career pursuing sports then BriskStep can be your team-mate.

Keeping yourself active all the time also means having your feet wet and sweaty which is a perfect environment for nail fungus, athlete's foot or any other bacterial infection.

Therefore we developed BriskStep, which takes care of your challenges in a natural way.

Family protection

BriskStep can protect children and adults.

Because of its natural characteristics you can help your youngsters to enjoy their play, grow safer and well protected.